Why trust your business decisions to bots?

Robots might be good for the masses, but do they worry about your small business

Bots don’t worry about your bills

There a lot of very big companies that promise very big things about how they can help your business be number one in search engine results. Most of these charge you as lot of money and automate a series of submissions to search engines, directories, etc. Then you continue to pay them a monthly fee to do nothing. They call it “reputation management” or some other fancy term. They throw a lot of big sounding phrases your way and have a slick websites with a lot of animations and collect a lot of money.

List your site in 100 Search engines! – How many search engines do you use?

This is a popular promise that sounds impressive until you realize that 90 of those engines are almost never used by people driving around town looking for a place to eat near you. Five of them are in languages not spoken in our hemisphere. What good has it actually done for you? In the real world of people who are looking for your restaurant, motel or store, you want to entice local people to walk through your door. This means you need to hire a person who worries about your business, not a algorithm that charges you money and drops you in the mix.

Real Results from Real People

At Chastain Media, we don’t represent millions of people. We limit our client list to a number that we can effectively help by making sure:

  • Their websites are up-to-date, well-indexed and enticing.
  • Their location is represented correctly on google maps and other top local search directories.
  • They get the reviews they deserve.
  • They have a positive, engaging social media presence.

We realize it’s your job to do good business and satisfy your customers and it’s our business to let the world know. We’re here to bridge the gap between you and the folks in your area who need your services. Call us at (843)602-7785 and find out how.

Do you miss “Use Facebook as” your page?

Facebook is forever changing the interface to make it “more efficient”, “optimally tuned for use”, “more user friendly” or just plain different. If you’ve spent the last 6 months or year pining away for the “use as…” button there is a workaround that allows you a better way to interact as your business entity on the social media giant.

To be honest, the feature was probably removed to make it harder for you to reach out to potential customers without paying for ads. Let’s face it Facebook has a lot of money invested in programming and server rental so that people can “socialize” for free. In the world of hippies and bums that sounds great, but in Realville they have to get something back for their investors.

This is where ads come in. But who pays for all those ads? Facebook business pages in most cases. While we certainly appreciate the power of targeted ads from Facebook, we like to get our clients’ message out for as little cash as we can. This is where acting as your page to relevant – but noncompeting – Business pages can really get exposure.

We put together a little tutorial to help you interact with other local businesses as your business and get exposure for free!

Hacking on the rise – if you see something, say something

26% Growth in Defacements in 24 Hours
Many of our wordpress clients complain about the strong password requirement. We know – it’s hard to remember those symbols and nonword strings of letters and numbers, but it’s just one way we try to protect your business from bad people.

It would be great if we just all shared nice things on the internet, but we live in a world where people who don’t even know you tryhurt you – often just to see if they can.

This week a few groups found a way to access core files and, by not even logging in to your wordpress site, change post content. We have had a few damaged posts and were able to restore the content due to backups.

We are constantly working with security vendors and server admins to safeguard your site.  We want you to remember to never share passwords and only entrust privileges to edit your to people you trust.

We are in a war for control of the internet and will continue to fight the good fight for you.  If you ever see something out of place on your site please text or call us immediately.

Yesterday when we published our initial research on the defacement campaigns we are tracking, we published data on 19 separate defacement campaigns. (20 total, but one is the same string, just capitalized differently, so we have removed it.)

This is yesterday’s chart on total defacements per campaign.

Government, Educational and Commercial Sites All Impacted

This morning we look a look at which websites have been affected by this attack. We only considered the single most successful defacement campaign when doing this research: The “Hacked by MuhmadEmad” campaign.

The following is a partial list of websites that have been defaced by the top defacement campaign alone. So far we have seen:

Suse Linux distribution news site defaced.
Ireland’s National Treasury Management Agency and the website of the Irish Tourism Minister defaced.
In Japan the website of Olympic minister Tamayo Marukawa defaced.
Two hospitals in Japan including Ibaraki Prefectural Central Hospital and Fukui Prefectural Hospital defaced.
The World Series of Fighting website defaced.

glenn beck hackedVanderbilt hacked
– fromWordfence

Let your customers do your marketing for you! Reviews count!

Reviews can help you get new business

In today’s world, there is power in pleasing. Happy customers will always come back to your business.

There is even more power in praise! If your customers tell others then you have multiplied the power of pleasing your customers exponentially.
A successful Trial should get a 5 star rating !

With the internet’s ratings sites and directories you can allow your happy customers to tell the world what a great job you are doing.

Ask happy guests at checkout to rate you !

You can create QR codes taking happy customers directly to your Google place, Facebook ratings page, Yelp or other directory.

Ask your friends and colleagues for reviews for your charity!

Incentives are nice as well, “Give us 5 stars and get a discount on your next purchase!”

Send a QR code to your review url along with deposit refunds!

Don’t forget to ask your friends and family to take 5 minutes to review you online. – email them a link to the review site!

Laminate big QR codes with your review url for outside venues!

Always thank people for their review!

Always ask for reviews - let your customers know you appreciate them.

Make it easy. Make it fun! Reap the rewards of your hard work!